Friday, February 25, 2011

The GeorgiGregg Re-launch Party...

We were invited to the re-launch party last night at GeorgiGregg in Parnell. GeorgiGregg is the family business of Georgie and Greg Noble and their son Bruno Noble, which combines architectural design, interior design and fine furnishing. They provide a diverse range of styles to cater to all tastes from conservative, traditional country house pieces to sublimely modern apartment pieces (such as Piet Mondrian inspired cabinet below, by Cappelini). We went with our friend and interior designer, Robyn MacPherson. It was a great night

Above from left to right: Bruno, Peter, David, Georgie, Gregg

Above: The Piet Mondrian inspired cabinet by Cappelini

"GeorgiGregg is a family business, dealing solely with centuries-old Italian family businesses. We pride ourselves on our good taste, personal service and experience in the twin fields of furniture and design. We love what we do and we are wholly committed to providing New Zealand with the best furniture in the world ..."

Their furniture manufacturers and flooring specialists include...

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