Thursday, December 22, 2011

Music for Christmas...

This post has a personal connection. We were unpacking boxes following our recent shift and came across an old album of Christmas Carols. It is special because it is a recording of Peter singing in the Canterbury Cathedral Choir when he was a lad. Peter (second from the right in the front row) went on to become head chorister at the Cathedral before going up to Cambridge.

One of my favourite carols is The Holly and The Ivy. Unfortunately I can't play you the recording off the vinyl, but I have found these 2 very good clips of Kings College Cambridge singing two different versions at the Nine Lessons and Carols service...



Here is a clip of the Canterbury choristers practising with the late Allan Wicks, Peter's Choir Master...


Not long to go to Christmas now...


  1. Having sung as a chorister in any number of cathedrals and churches as a lad, both here in the States and in England, I have a great fondness for the Cambridge Lessons and Carols service. And the Holly and the Ivy is also a great favorite of mine. Happy Christmas to you and yours, from us and ours.

  2. Oh goodness I'm not sure I should comment on this post David, but here goes. It is a Christmas tradition here at The Hedge that the family are subjected to Millie's Famous Chrissie Music Playlist. I take great pleasure in downloading the worst & most cringeworthy Chrissie songs I can find on iTunes & subject everyone to it during the Festive lunch. By the time it's on the third rotation MOTH the Christmas Grinch needs to be slipped into a straight jacket & spoon fed his pudding. The highlights this year will be Louis Armstrong singing 'Dat You Santa Claus?' & a wonderful rendition of Silent Night by the Ozark Backwoods Banjo Quintet. I think I've outdone myself this year!!
    Anyhoo, just wanted to call by & wish you both a Happy & Holy Christmas. Thank you David for your truly beautiful posts this year, every one of them a cracker (every pun intended!).
    Millie xx


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