Thursday, December 1, 2011

What not to do to the Queen's Deer....

Long time, no blogging (but We have been very busy recently). We also shifted last weekend, back to the city, into a house next to the river. We will stay there until Willowbrook is completed (patience is a virtue).

Since our last post we have managed to sell 10 lambs, 8 piglets, and 2 goats through our Trademe page. We are thrilled about this, and probably have another litter of piglets due before Christmas.

For now I just want to share this amusing little clip of a thoroughly disobedient dog running amock with the Queen's Deer... Enjoy!


  1. Loved it! Did I imagine it or was that dog's name Satan? I think a well-earnt rest over Chrissie is needed for you both!!
    Millie x

  2. I think his name is Benton or Fenton, though Satan seems more apt and ironic given his owner is yelling "Jesus Christ"!

  3. Oh dear, i think someone went straight to the dog house haha! Well done with all your Trademe sales (I was a Trademe junkie back in the day:))


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