Monday, February 11, 2013

Stables Two...

After coming across so many country house stable blocks in my research for the great estates series, I thought I would collate some together for a pictorial post on English stables...

Ingestre Stables

Audley End Stables

Belton House Stables...

 (Photos of Belton Stables by Steven J Lewis)

Longford Hall Stables

Burton Constable Stables

The Stable at Studley Royal

How they looked when Studley Royal was still standing...

the house was destroyed by a fire for the second time in 1946 and subsequently demolished. The stable block has now been turned into a private house...
Wollarton Stables

Broughton House Stables

Seaton de Laval Stables

Manderston House Stables
Bradgate House Stables 
Southwick House Stables 


  1. Dear David,
    I find that I could quite easily live in the stables at Studley Royal!
    The stable I have in mind for the house we intend to build will be somewhat smaller and yet I intend it to be small but stately.

  2. The marvelous thing about stately classical architecture is that it is all about proportions, and not size. I am sure no matter what size, your stable will be grand. :-)


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