Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Kioti...

Along with our Mule, we now have a Kioti...Tractor,with mower and digger. It is just the ticket...

It has an easily attachable/detachable 60" self mulching mowing deck; a fully articulated self-leveling front end loader; and 3 point / PTO couplings at the back for the grader blade, fert spreader, etc.

It is much more maneuverable than our other tractor, so we will be able to mow the orchard now without using the push mower, as well as being able to mow around all the trees without lugging the push mower across the estate.

It will be great in addition to the mule for farm work, as well as shifting large quantities of mulch for the gardens.

They seem well engineered and have good mechanical support in Hamilton, so we shouldn't have any problems. Now we just need to sell the old tractor and mower.

1 comment:

  1. My Goodness, I found you again.
    Things are looking wonderful.


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