Sunday, February 2, 2014

August Door Lock

The August keyless doorlock is controlled wirelessly via your smartphone's bluetooth. It fits to most standard single cylinder deadbolt locks. Once you have set it up online and with an app on your smartphone it will automatically recognise your phone and unlock the door when you come close or using the app depending on how you set the phone up.

You can send invitations to other people's phones, to allow them access: for certain periods of time or only at certain times or certain days. Perfect for boutique accommodation, where you can allow access from say 5pm Friday through to 10 am Monday. Never worry about lost keys. Never worry about passwords or codes. And it keeps a log of all ingress and egress, as well as sending you a notification anytime someone comes or goes, so you know who is in your house. This combined with our security cameras should have most of the bases covered. And, unlike integrated home systems, they are not expensive.

 The black unit will hardly be noticeable on our black front door.

Here is the advertisement for the August lock...

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