Sunday, February 16, 2014

Manor House Update...

We are now exactly 1/3 of the way through the build and the roof for the manor has just been laid...

Last week the timber trusses and framing were completed in preparation for the roof, as well as the courtyard area and foundations for the carriage house and chapel...

We are tracking on time and on budget so far. I have watched enough Grand Designs to know that is quite something (hope I'm not speaking too soon...)

 Below: Some pictures of the raised cocktail lawn starting to take shape (taken prior to the roof going on)...


  1. I love these progress reports! Do, please, keep them coming. It is all very exciting! Regards, Reggie

    1. Dear Reggie,
      Yes, very excited and relieved after all these years that it is coming together and not just a pipe dream. Thank you for continuing to follow the progress.

  2. Wow, how good is this progress!! I can't believe how neat & tidy the building site is, or have you photo-shopped out all the discarded Iced Coffee cartons & empty pie wrappers from the hungry Tradies!
    M & M xx


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