Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kenwood House Part 3 of 3...

Ascending the great stairs one enters the upper hall, which houses nine Elizabethan/Jacobean portraits from the Suffolk Collection, painted by William Larkin.

Above: Great stairs from above. Below: Glass dome over the stair well.

 The Upper Hall.
Above: Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford (William Larkin).

Below: Her sister, Anne Cecil, Countess of Stamford (William Larkin)
Detail of the portrait above. I can't help but feel a Desdemona moment coming on...

Above: Richard Sackville, 3rd Earl of Dorset (Left) and Edward Sackville, 4th Earl of Dorset (Right). Both paintings attributed to William Larkin.

 Above: Edward's shoe. Below: Richard's shoe.

Below: Adams' Chinoiserie chimneypiece.

The walls were probably originally papered in Chinese wallpaper as well, but today they are painted red, which provides a good backdrop to the painting of Lady Dorothy Cary (above chimneypiece) and Lady Isabelle Rich (Right).

 Lord Mansfield's Bed Chamber

Above: Portrait of Margaret Howard, 19th Countess of Suffolk, who bequeathed the Suffolk Collection to the nation. Painting by John  Singer Sargent (1898).

Below: Portrait of Mary Finch, Viscountess of Andover (Thomas Hudson, Ca 1740). 

 Miss Murray's Bed Chamber 
This room was adorned with a variety of royal portraits.
Alabaster fireplace with detail (below).

That concludes our tour of Kenwood. Next week we shall be back with the latest progress update on Willowbrook - Less than a month before we shall be all shifted in!

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