Monday, November 30, 2015

Progress Update Part 3...

Thanks for joining us for the last part of our progress update with a stroll around the grounds. Here are some photos taken on a sunny day.

Above: The view of the manor from the Urn en flambeau Parterre.

Below: View of the manor and carriage house from the lake.

Below: The Urn Parterre. The buxus hedging has taken off despite the rabbit problem, although the rabbits have dug out many of the irises in an attempt to excavate a warren underneath the urn. I feel more rabbit pie will be on the menu this autumn. I love the way the established trees in the distance provide a backdrop of the parterre down the view of the lime walk. It's almost as if it was planned that way :-)

Below: A view back up the lime walk from the parterre.

 Some of the bedding plants close up...

Antirrhinum (Snap dragons)

Dianthus (Pinks)

Across the lawn on the other side of the parterre is one entrance to Badger's Wood. This has certainly established itself in the last 2 years (original post here)...

We have Pukeko's nesting in the woods. Here is one that is protecting a nest of fledglings. 
 For other bird life at Willowbrook Park see our post on Ornithology here.
Above: Our Diamond Jubilee Oak tree has grown too in the last couple of years.

More photos of the wood looking back on the pathway from the other end. 

 The knot garden has down well since last autumn, and soon the plants will form a nice hedge.

Peter has been busy grooming the beds and topiarising the corner plants into perfect pyramids.
Above: The Gertrude Jekyll Roses

Below: A giant gunnera, which is to be moved to the brook by the bridge in autumn. Is will be a hot dry summer and anything we attempt to transplant before then won't survive.

The currants are doing very well this season...

... as are the vines. Come autumn we should have our first decent harvest of table grapes, and when the wine grapes are planted we will be able to start our domestic viticulture.

 Above: A splendid hedge rose in the orchard.

Below: Another in the lime walk.

The bees are having a marvelous time.

View from site of rotunda towards urn parterre again.

The Elysium Field, the site of our future wildflower meadow, which has been grown for hay for emergency stock tucker over the summer should we run into a drought (always prepared).


  1. It's so great to see the setting of the house, it really puts it into perspective and finishes the the overall impression of the estate. Good luck with the rabbit pie!

    1. Thanks Simon. Have you ever thought of making any parks or gardens to go around your model houses? One of my friends is a model train enthusiast and I can remember him having fun with all the landscaping of his train set.

  2. Hello you gorgeous boys - well have I ever had fun catching up on the last 3 posts! Woo hoo how things have progressed & it's all too beautiful. I've already picked out my suite so crack open those boxes & get the furniture set up for my stay.
    Love M xx
    PS - I really need to see the Optician again, as I kept reading about the Um Parterre & was thinking it was a rather strange name to call it. After blinking a few times & focussing better I saw what a dill I was, yes the URN Parterre is glorious.

    1. Well hello Miss Millie, long time no see! Thanks for stopping by to catch up on the progress. Yes your suite is all put aside, we have the champers on ice, now you just need to high tail it over the ditch next year and enjoy some pampering!

  3. Really coming along rather nicely, and it is not always so obvious to notice the progress when you're living with it day to day. But in five years you'll look at these photographs and marvel at the change.

    1. Thanks Columnist. Sometimes it is reassuring when things seem to be moving slowly to look back on previous posts and realize just how far we have come. I can't wait til we are able to open and share it all with other people; and have the stress of all the 'hiccups' behind us.

  4. My goodness, I'm just catching up with this three part series and absorbing every last detail has been heaven. You've really made some progress, both with the building and the landscape. So happy to see things moving along in the right direction. A lot of work and effort finally showing. Well done!


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