Friday, March 18, 2016

Lakeside Folly - The Finished Result...

Today we are staying outside with our tour and catching up with the progress made on the folly since the first post. Here is the finished product that Peter and Dirk worked so hard on...

Above: The Folly as it was before the wedding.

Below: The roof being hoisted into position back in November.

Below: The view as it was later that day once the roof had been bolted to the side walls.

There was a brief hiatus in progress just before Christmas, but that didn't stop family enjoying it on Christmas day...

Then Peter and Dirk finished the external walls, and plastered and painted it and fitted the columns ready for it to be enjoyed by our wedding couple. The photographers realized it made for some great photos...

Later that night (2 am), after we had done most of the tidying up, I crept out to see what it looked like with the landscape lighting we had installed, and was thrilled to find this marvelous reflection in the lake...

Above: The folly reflected in the lake.

Below: The statue of Bacchus also lit up. 

The lighting works well, because you can see the folly very clearly from the manor. When I crept over there I surprised a number of frogs that were ribbiting away, which could almost be heard from the back lawn, as well as a few rabbits I think. There was the sound of splash splash, and then silence. In time we hope to light up the jetty, as well as install the lake fountain, which will be lit up at night too.


  1. Hello lord Cowell,
    Peter and Dirk indeed did a fantastic job. what a great and unique feature to have near the house. The picture you took at night is stunning. You have really created a beautiful estate in the tradition of great houses. I am sure you will be a VERY popular destination...especially with wedding parties!
    Big hug

  2. lovely- probably my favorite part so far!

  3. Breathtaking at night. The shivering reflection on the water makes is so beautiful and melancholy!

  4. Sublime. You need to christen it. The Temple of Phós? Phósfolly? All prospective wedders might want to have a (champangne) cocktail either viewing it at night (from afar) or sitting in it by day. And to make up a limerick...


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