Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chatsworth Bathroom...

The Chatsworth bathroom is designed with a pinkish-red marble in mind. It is 'allowed' to be a little darker than the other bathrooms as the Chatsworth suite is a sumptuous and rich mixture of baroque mahogany furniture and red damask fabrics. 

But it has been so hard to find examples of a red marble bathrooms, which makes me wonder whether we should be re-considering whether it is a good colour?

The colour we're looking for is similar to that of this amazing roman styled red marble bath:

There are a variety of various colours and textures... 

One looks too much like a piece of steak
(Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall would love a piece of steak with good fatty marbling to it)

I know that darker colours make a space look smaller, but with the other bathrooms being white or beige I wanted something really different for the Chatsworth, and fitting of the bedroom decor.

 This light coloured marble with a red seem running through it is quite nice...

but this orange marble is not... 

Some look more brown than red...

Guess I'll stay on the look out. The marble samples from Greece should arrive next week. There will be plenty to look at and choose from, from several quarries. Once we have chosen the marble from the swatches we then get to choose the exact pieces we would like from each quarry before they are laser cut and shipped over.

Below: Nero's bath - red marble. Hewn by hand. Imagine what the Romans would have achieved with today's cutting edge technology.


  1. I hope you'll do slabs, not 'tiles' of marble on the walls. Go all the way.

    1. Definitely. I dislike grouting and 'bitsiness'. Nice large slabs with seamless joins will be required.


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