Saturday, July 27, 2013

Swinging from the Chandeliers...

We have bought our first chandelier! It is the largest of the chandeliers we plan to have at WBP and will hang in the foyer. It is 6 feet wide and 6 feet tall. It is a Maria Therese chandelier, made from Austrian crystal and gold plate, and has 64 lights (Happy Birthday Peter)!

Below: Actual Photo

We have also been researching the other sparkly things for around the manor house. We have found some possibilities...

Lighting in the lift:

 for the chandeliers in the ballroom and music room:

 paired with these wall scones...

In the informal entertainment area we shall have 3 of these chandeliers (same as ballroom, but a size smaller)...

with 3 of these sweet little modern chandeliers for above the bar:

For one of the drawing rooms...

  paired with sconces

Then we might have two of these gold empire-styled chandeliers for the dining room:

or these 

with 2 candelabras for the side board:

Billiard Room:

Powder Room sconces for either side of the mirrors:

We have chosen traditional Georgian hanging lanterns for the hallways (which we will have gilded):

Dressing Room:

Above Kitchen Island:

We are still on the look out, as apart from the first one, which is winging its way to NZ, we are not 100% sure about these choices. As always, it is a compromise between budget and desire. And one huge problem is that we can not buy anything from the USA, as it does not meet NZ's code of  building compliance or safety standards (which is a real shame, as there is a lot of really neat lighting we have found on US websites).  If anyone knows of any good British or European websites, do please let us know. 

In the meantime, here are some more inspirational sparklers...

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